What We're Fighting For

What are we fighting for?

Great question. There's a lot we care about!

Overall, I'm fighting to bring a system that works for everybody, so that our representation is truly representative of the will of the people.

Especially one that is representative of our Bellville, Canton and Van Buren Township; we have a remarkable opportunity to engage a proud new electorate to alter the course of history.

Because of this, campaign and policies are focused on the future — and I've got a lot of optimism about what's possible.

Water: Clean

Her Body: Her Choice

Infrastructure: Fix it

Climate: Changing

Innovation: Michigan

Education: For all

Immigrants: Welcome

Environment: Protect

Guns: Control Them

Healthcare: A Right

Voting: Everyone

Black Lives: Matter

Science: Real

Equality: Everyone

Small Biz: Opportunity

Mass Incarceration: Over

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